Sneak Peek at Book #4

Seems like it's taking me forever to finish my next novel. The first three books didn't take me anywhere near as much time. Granted, there have been extenuating circumstances. I couldn't write at all after my incomparable, precious mother suddenly passed away. And then I landed in the hospital with possible kidney failure due to dehydration from a horrible gastrointestinal virus.

Back to the topic at hand, do you want to know a little about my next erotic romance? It's not quite finished but I will tell you this: it takes place in London, and the hero is a drop-dead gorgeous successful clothing designer whose only focus is on growing his young company.

The heroine is a sheltered graduate student studying Shakespeare who thinks her appearance is ordinary, at best. Unfortunately, the woman she's living with in London, an eminent Shakespeare scholar, wants to teach her an altogether different subject.

How do our hero and heroine meet? If I tell you, I'll have to ... well, you know. But sparks fly when they meet.

There are also two heroic cats in the story—you'll have to read the book to find out why they're heroes.

Stay tuned for an update ....


Who is Julia Harlow? Ten Little Known Facts

Who am I? Nine parts recluse and one part as yet undefined. Here are ten things you probably don't know about me:

1.) An NFL quarterback let me try on his ginormous Super Bowl ring.

2.) I love doing laundry and am a master folder. If it's not folded perfectly, I re-fold until it is.

3.) I'm passionate about German Shepherds. If you read All Tyed Up, you'd already know this one.

4.) I used to swim butterfly competitively. The U.S. Olympic Committee was hardly beating a path to my door, but, hey, I held my own!

5.) My best book ideas come to me when I'm trying to fall asleep. Yep, I get up and start writing even if it's the middle of the night.

6.) I studied ballet for 30 years. If you read Closed Set, you'd already know this one. Oh, I'm still a a klutz on occasion, but I'm a graceful klutz.

7.) I've been an extra in two Hollywood films. No, not porn.

8.)While all my female acquaintances despise Dumb & Dumber, I love that movie. "Harry, I took care of it."

9.) I struggle with body image issues. If you read The Talented Mr. Maxwell, you'd ... yeah.

10.) Easily memorizing song lyrics is one of my many useless talents. I can sing along with almost any song I've heard before.